Backend Developer

Hyderabad, Telangana, India | Full-time | Fully remote


We are looking for backend developers who are 2+ years experienced in NodeJS.

Job Responsibilities

● Excellent problem solving and multitasking skills.

● Expert in Node.js and frameworks available for it such as express, etc.

● Experience with common FrontEnd tools like Webpack, gulp, npm, babel, etc.

● Proficient in writing Unit test, end-to-end test using Cypress.

● Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git & Bitbucket.

● Proficiency with RESTful APIs and best practices.

● Experience with microservices using NodeJS.

● Knowledge of authentication and authorization security patterns, JWT, OAuth2 etc

● Eager to self-educate on cutting edge tools and techniques and bring new approaches to systems design, driven to constantly improve and streamline applications. Skills

● Strong Coding, Data Structures & Algorithms skills.

● Experience with CI/CD pipelines.

● Experience with all phases of project cycle from requirements to delivery and operations.

● Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds. Advantages

● Experience in Database Schema design and performance optimization techniques.

● Experience in using SQL Databases.

Education: (Computer Science)

Technical Skills : NodeJS, JavaScript, API, Express, MongoDB, MySQ